Shout! Factory Re-Releasing G1 “The Transformers” DVD Set

{mosimage}There's the Beast Wars DVD set announcement, then there's Takara's The Headmasters DVD announcement. And now, Shout! Factory does it again! For those that haven't picked up any of their releases of the original 1984-87 G1 The Transformers cartoon DVD season sets, or the limited The Transformers – 25th Anniversary Matrix of Leadership Edition: Collector’s Set back in 2009, can now pick them all up in one full box set! This time, it's titled The Transformers – The Complete Original Series, 15 discs total and it'll retail for $99.99 USD when May 24th rolls around. However, it won't have the extra content that were exclusive to the Matrix set.

Read the article here at TV Shows on DVD and check out the pre-order at Amazon!