New Minicon & Scout Preorders Listings at BBTS

{mosimage}Allspark sponsor Big Bad Toy Store has uploaded a group of new preorders.  Many are of existing items we've already seen (or have recently been released).  Among the listings are two new Minicon sets, one is a 4 pack featuring Dinobots Grimlock, Slagg (with two G's), Swoop, and a Sabertooth Tiger.  The other preorder is for a 3 pack featuring Redecos of the Helicopter, Fighter Jet, and Motorcycle.  Presumably these are redecos of the Minicons released in Transformers Classics (that were intended for Transformers Cybertron).  Also of interest is the Cybertron Backstop redeco is now named Rhinox!  Rhinox comes in a three pack with the re-releases of Wreckloose and Undermine.

You can discuss the news on our forums.  Thanks to Darkstream for the news.