International Toy Fair 2011 New York Coverage!

{mosimage}Good morning, fellow carbon-based fleshlings! From Allsparkers Cheetimus Primal and Powered Convoy in New York City, we bring you Toy Fair 2011! What do we know? Well, Cheetimus has tweeted that the Dark of the Moon Optimus is parked outside in Time Square, cab AND trailer! To quote: "The flames are a lot more detailed than before, more higlights along the silver edges and they fade more as the red go into the blue cab".

From Dark of the Moon toys, to covering about Prime, read it all!

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Main panel

* DOTM Optimus and trailer present
* SDCC 2011 exclusive: GI Joe Skystriker – redecoed as Starscream – with Cobra Commander holding a Walther (Megatron)
DotM, Prime, Stealth Force, Kre-O and Rescue Bots are the major lines
* P
romoting the "TF Vault" book, promising never before seen material in it
* Kre-O Optimus and Bumblebee (Courtesy of Time to Play Mag), based on Lego-style blocks, "High quality" bricks, Compatible with "competition"
* Optimus and Megatron mini figures shown, movie inspired
Bumblebee comes with bb, Red Alert and "human" looks like Spike
Starscream and Optimus shown as well, and are much more complete and playable than Build to Rule; true action figures, not snap together mess like the old ones
* R
escue Bots, replacing Robot Heroes: Blades – heli, Chase – cop car, Blaze – fire truck, Boulder – construction vehicle
Also Bumblebee and Optimus, all transform simply: Simple lever transformation, move one part, whole figure transforms
* DotM game coverage with a sneak peek but no gameplay: Bee shown splitting open much like the NASCAR Wreckers, guns all over vehicle mode, as well a look at Shockwave
* Launch date for DotM toys is May 16; Mechtech, Activators and Cyberverse are the main sublines, with Mectech being the standard
* Weapons interchangeable between figures, weapons transform and combine
New Deluxe Ratchet with deploying spinning saw
Deluxe Starscream is what we've previously seen, Roadbuster is the green NASCAR Wrecker, Crankcase is the pincher SUV 'Con
Topspin, Deluxe Blue NASCAR, all weapons deployed; previously seen Mac Truck Voyager Megatron and Voyager Ironhide
* Voyager Shockwave, previously seen Voyager Optimus and Leader Sentinel (
Backend of Sentinel's truck mode does close up for clean lookl)
Ultimate Optimus, 22 inches tall, with full transforming trailer into a huge mech suit, four large wings in X shape
* Human Alliance: Redecoed Bumblebee and Skids; basic HA figures include Icepick (similar to PCC figure)
* Cyberverse playsets;
Scouts folded into Cyberverse
Legends now called Legion class: Crankcase, Topspin, Sideswipe, Bee; All have C-clip (3mm) hands
Scout now Commander class: Ironhide, Optimus, Sentinel and Megs
Actionsets triple change, vehicle, station and launching bay for included figure; Bee and Screamer sets show
* The Ark comes with "Autobot Roller" – moon rover transforms into Roller, and the Ark folds out
Activator Go-Bots – cars stand up, arms move, head wobbles; Robo fighters, 6 inch figures; Guns flip out of robot, no vehicle;
* Role play:
Energon shock sword; Optimus nerf style gun
Half masks of Bee and Optimus work as 3d glasses for the movie in the theater
* Hall of Fame Round 2
Leader class figures are a bit small, probably due to complexity; Deluxe are also smallish
* Prime first edition toys launching in late fall: Bee, Arcee, and Screamer part of Wave 1
Entertainment pack in the fall, including Prime, Megs, and the three kids, Miko, Jack, and Raf
* Prime is NOT part of Generations

* Generations will continue through 2011, but no new reveals
* Sneak peek of an upcoming episode is shown and spoilerish: SCRAPLETS
* A behind-the-scenes of Frank Welker and Peter Cullen shows Frank making Peter laugh, delaying sessions.


* Writers mention they wanted to make it clear that Cliffjumper is really dead by doing the zombification and chopping him to pieces, and may show up in flashbacks
"Zombie terrorcon transformers" are "Terrocons", and the Autobots are at a disadvantage
One female Decepticon will show up, other TFs are on Earth as sleeper agents
* Prime will be similar to Beast Wars in terms of small cast, plus cast recording in same room
Animation team loves Miko and will animate her doing far more than is in the script
Dark energon to be shown doing more than has been shown as well as other forms of energon yet to be shown; 3 year arc shown, end of season 1 will be huge, "as big as you can get and part of our planet"

Toy show room

* Leader Ironhide in show room, bit larger than Sentinel and Bee, and Voyager looks about large Deluxe size
No Generations or Reveal the Shield shown in display room
* Regarding the smaller sizes, a rep said that complexity, gimmicks and rising cost of materials caused figures to be smaller while fitting in their price points
* Kre-O figures include Jazz, Mirage, Bumblebee, Optimus, truck Megs, Ratchet, Starscream, Prowl, Cliffjumper, Sentinel