Hasbro Childrens’ Hospital Charity Drive Update

{mosimage}We're proud to announce that the Allspark community has achieved the goal of raising $5000 to benefit the Hasbro Children's Hospital! Not only that, but with 2 days left in the drive people are still giving! The current total is at around $5700 and rising! With the goal met, let's see just how far we can get by Monday night!

This means "Allspark.com Transformers Fan Community Charity Drive" will be an official Bronze sponsor at Elmo's Red Tie Ball on March 5 in Providence, RI. This is great recognition for the efforts you've all made this month, and it's the least you deserve for working so hard to make this community drive a success! While only a few will be able to be there in person to share photos and stories of the night, we'll all be there in spirit!

Those of us here on staff can't express in words well enough just how impressed, proud, and happy we are with this community for your generosity and support of such a wonderful cause! Last year we collectively bought a toy catalog then continued collecting money to raise $2340 for charity, all in less than a week. This year, with a whole month and for no reason other than the goodness of our hearts, this community's raised over $5500! We have literally raised thousands and thousands of dollars to a cause to support kids and their families in times of need. What an incredible way for a group of toy collectors to give back!

Whether you gave a little or a lot, or maybe you just spread the word about the drive and got people interested – there were so many people supporting and helping this be successful! You have our deepest thanks and appreciation!