“DOTM” Tidbits: Linkin Park Teasing on TF3, Goldner Regarding Rosie, Mercedes-Benz

{mosimage}Here's some Dark of the Moon short news bits!

First up is the question on whether Linkin Park would be working something music-wise with the film. Courtesy of an interview from the Linkin Park Times on the band's new album, vocalist Chester Bennington teased at the end: "I don’t know if I’m at liberty to tell you yet [winks]. But it looks promising. I think we go hand in hand with those films. A lot of our younger fans call us the Transformers band."

Second is Hasbro CEO Brian Goldner's thoughts on Rosie Huntington-Whiteley being in Dark of the Moon, from MTV . We know she's "obviously a major character in the film," and according to Goldner, "she gets drawn unknowingly into the conflict. Because of his love for her, Shia is drawn into doing things he might not have otherwise done. She's really a catalyst for a lot of the action, more like the first movie where the human story is catalytic for the action."

And lastly, the mysterious Mercedes-Benz E550 named "Q" that's been spotted on the Chicago set numerous times, abit moreso from the vehicle lover's standpoint. Eurotuner got photos of the car from several angles, noting some of the changes that were done to the vehicles playing as Q in the film.