Daytona 500 “DOTM” TV Spot

{mosimage}Another TV spot for Transformers: Dark of the Moon, this time airing during the Daytona 500! In this one we get an actual line from Seymour Simmons (John Turturro), we see one GIANT shell casing, Bumblebee demonstrating the Mechtech line, and the NASCAR Wreckers trio!

Speaking of the Wreckers trio, TF LAMB has gotten several pictures of them at the race, and their identities plus armaments. Leadfoot is the red Chevy Impala #42 that's driven by Juan Pablo Montoya; Roadbuster, Dale Earnhardt, Jr.'s green Impala #88; and Top Spin, Jimmie Johson's blue Impala #48.

Watch the TV spot here, check out the photos at TF LAMB, and sound off here!