“Dark of the Moon” Model Kit for Optimus & Bumblebee Plus Targetmaster Micron Caliburst!

{mosimage}Cybergundam has updated with some scans from Dengeki Hobby's March 2011 issue, showcasing two model kits of Dark of the Moon Optimus and Bumblebee. Both are slated for a June 2011 release, Optimus retailing for 8800 yen while Bee goes for 3800 yen.

Also shown in the magazine is what one of the Bumblebee figures will look like, plus two Targetmaster Micron figures that are part of the giveaway campaign for the film.  The first Targetmaster is Spoilsport (a redeco of Airlift like Recoil in the previous campaign) and the other is Caliburst, a redeco of Backwind.  Like the original Targetmaster Micron Campaign figures (but unlike their original G1 selves), Caliburst & Spoilsport are cast in gray and black plastics.

Take a look at the scans at Cybergundam's blog!

Dengeki Hobby March 2011 - 01 cut

Dengeki Hobby March 2011 - 02 cut