BotCon Transformers Animated Motormaster Revealed!!!

{mosimage}At last, the King of the Road, Motormaster, has been revealed! has updated their webpage with images of the final figure in their BotCon 2011 Transformers Animated Stunticon Five Figure set, Motormaster is a retool of Animated Voyager Optimus with a new head based on his G1 cartoon head with the Derrick J. Wyatt's signature Animated influence.  Now Motormaster is sporting a horseshoe mustache befitting of the King of the Road!  Motormaster's colors appear to be mostly based on the recolored Optimus character art featured in the Allspark AlmanacYou can view the character design for Motormaster here.

You can discuss the news on our forums.  Thanks to Joker and Code of Walky for the news.