Animated Dragstrip Revealed!!!

{mosimage}Beating out her fellow Stunticon Wildrider in the poll run across the major Transformers fan sites this past week, has revealed the third member of the Transformers Animated Stunticon Team:  DRAGSTRIP!  Dragstrip is a redeco of the elusive Transformers Animated Arcee in a color scheme reminiscent of the original G1 Dragstrip.  You can also see Dragstrip's character design sheet at BotCon's Twitter page.  If things remain on schedule, next week will give us Wildrider's reveal with the week after revealing the final member of the 5 Figure BotCon 2011 Box Set (and final Animated Stunticon), the King of the Road, Motormaster!

You can discuss the Stunticon reveals on our forums.  Thanks to Code of Walky for the news.