Allspark’s Hasbro Children’s Hospital Donation Drive 2011

{mosimage} The Allspark is proud to announce that we are once again going to be raising money to support the Hasbro Children's Hospital (HCH) for the great work they do supporting and treating sick kids and their families! It's a wonderful way for our fandom of mostly grown toy collectors to give back to children in need! Many of you will remember last year when we collectively pooled our money and effort into buying a 1986 pre-Toy Fair Hasbro catalog which featured many never-before-seen prototype toy designs. (Full story here,) but to make a long story short, in addition to buying the catalog we also raised $2340 for charity in under a week (for perspective, the catalog itself cost only $380). In case you were wondering, yes, this community of ours is absolutely awesome.

We'd like to make this an annual event, so here's round 2! HCH's annual gala will be held March 5, 2011 with the theme "Elmo's Red Tie Ball. Our 2011 goal will be to raise $5000 during the entire month of February and to buy a Bronze sponsorship for the gala! Last year we shattered 3 consecutive goals in a little under a week and became sponsors, sending a message about how much Transformers fans care. This year we have a whole month to work with and can be even more prominently represented by achieving this admittedly BIG goal. The great thing is, just like last year, it's the best goal in the world because there's no way to lose! Even if we don't hit it, we'll still have raised money for a heartfelt donation to a great cause!

We've made it even easier to use Paypal to donate! You could send your contribution (marked as "gift" so there's no Paypal fees) to Galenraff's Paypal account at [email protected] Just like last year, he'll collect all the money and take point in donating to HCH. Or, if you don't really care about the fees and just want something quick and convenient, you can use this awesome widget put together by our own Daytonus!

Depending on what our final total is, there may once again be free passes to this extremely classy and fun event that we'll give out to lucky fans! Our own Powered Convoy attended last year and gave us this great report!

So that's the deal, Allspark – along the way we'll be doing some gentle and not so gentle prodding and encouraging, but after last year we now know that you all are indeed a motivated bunch, and I have every confidence that we'll all be able once again to join together for this worthy effort!