Unpublished Extended Bio for G1 Whirl Revealed!

{mosimage} Jim Sorenson has updated his Disciples of Boltax blog with a look at the extended bio for the crazy-but-sane Generation 1 Whirl!

You can view the bio by clicking here, then click here to discuss it in Fort Max's thread!



Profile: Whirl is one Autobot who really loves his job. As a helicopter, he doesn't just fly, he careens across the sky in what appears to be a wild, joyful dance. But the crazy patterns he spins and weaves in flight only disguise the method to his madness. He calculates that an enemy would be far more terrified by someone who appears to be insane than by a purely rational opponent. Indeed, he is right. One single, lunatic dive of Whirl's will often send Decepticons scurrying for cover even before he starts firing at them. "An attack of insanity can be just as effective as an attack by a proton bomb," says Whirl.

Abilities: As a helicopter, Whirl can fly at a speed of 400 mph. He has a range of 16000 miles. His manoeuvrability is amazing — he can fly at virtually any angle except upside down, and even that he can achieve while doing loops. He packs four incendiary-shell cannons and a high-energy photon beam rifle. He has enormous strength in robot mode and carries a hand-mounted null-ray module that shields him from any energy beam directed at him, and a leg-mounted paralyzo-box that injects a powerful, disabling fluid when bought into contact with other robotic life.

Weaknesses: Being reckless, Whirl is prone to disabling himself by damaging his rotor blades.