Toys R Us UK New Transformers Product Listings

{mosimage}omega_prime of the 2005 Boards, who is also an employee at Toys R Us in the UK, has found new Transformers items listed on the TRU computers. The listings are as follows:

TF Masterpiece Rodimus – 309311
TF3 Activators Asst – 345423
TF3 Battle Mask – 309230
TF3 Cyberverse Commander Asst – 345318
TF3 Cyberverse Legion Asst – 345296
TF3 Cyberverse Ark Set – 346543
TF3 Energon Shock Sword – 309117
TF3 GoBots Asst – 345466
TF3 Mechtech Voyager Asst – 345741
TF3 Mechtech Deluxe Asst – 345709
TF3 Megaverse Evolution 4 Pack – 309265
TF3 Optimus Prime Blaster – 346012
TF3 Revving Robots – 309095
TF3 Robo Fighters Asst – 345601
TF3 Robo Power Bash Bots – 308749
TF3 Scanning Ironhide & Sideswipe

This is the first real store computer listing for Hasbro's release of Masterpiece Rodimus. Another highlight is a Transformers 3 Cyberverse Ark Set.

Thanks to Allspark member ExVee for the heads up.

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