TF3 News: Kenny Back?; IMAX; JP Site; Call Sheet, Music, & Ark Rumors


Quite a bit regarding Dark of the Moon.

First, it looks like Tom Kenny, voice of Skids and Wheelie in Revenge of the Fallen plus Starscream and numerous characters in Animated, will be back voicing a character in DotM. Courtesy of, they had this extra bit:

"[Michael Bay]'s been known to make grown men cry, and I don't want to be the next one," Kenny told us recently, when he had to hurry off the phone to resume 'Transformers 3' recording sessions with Bay.

Second, regarding the bit of confusion on whether DotM will be on IMAX screens, has the press release from IMAX and Paramount that the film will be released on IMAX again.

Third are some rumors that should be taken with the usual amount of salt, with some spoilerish details. There's a call sheet that's floating about regarding the identity of one of the Transformers, namely the fire truck seen in Chicago. You can read the original thread at the Shoot For The Edit board, or see it at TFLAM blog. For the movie album (not soundtrack), Linkin Park may be back again, this time "Burning In the Skies" from their "A Thousand Suns" album. This rumor will require a salt rock, since it pertains to the ship – the Ark – seen in the trailer, but the "render" shown at the originating Italian blog ( as an alternative) is rather dubious, and you can sound off at our thread.

Lastly, Japan has finally set up their official DotM site. At the moment, it's only the teaser trailer with Japanese subtitles and text. General release at Toho cinemas will be Friday, July 29, 2011.