Loose Masterpiece Rodimus Photos!

{mosimage}Now that Masterpiece Rodimus is finally released, photos are starting to come in from collectors who have received him in Japan.  Alfes' blog has uploaded several images showing off the Hot Rod car mode and as well as the Hot Rod specific accessories.  Fans wondering what the final color of the figure would be should be pleased that he's a cartoon accurate magenta rather than the typical maroon.

You can discuss the photos on our forums.   Gallery 1, Gallery 2, and Gallery 3 at Alfes' Blog.

**Update** The first gallery featuring Rodimus in his Rodimus Convoy form are now up.  Click the link below for Rodimus Convoy in truck mode as well as the Mobile Defense Bay!  Also just added are new photos comparing the robot modes of Hot Rodimus and Rodimus Convoy!!

Gallery 4  |  Gallery 5  |  Gallery 6