Kabaya Gum Kit Gaia Cross Coming in April

{mosimage} Fans of Transformers Victory/Micromaster Collection might want to check this one out! Scheduled for an April 2011 release, the next series of Transformers gum kits by Kabaya are designed around the Landcross concept! Gaia Cross is an attempt to give the figures "modernistic proportions", while still maintaining the 2-toy and 6-toy combinations.

Along with the new name, and the better proportioned robot modes, the vehicle modes are now slightly different as well. The toys now turn into a space shuttle, boat, drill tank, tank, jet fighter, and firetruck.

Click here to see a listing for the gum kits on hobby shop Rakuten's website, then discuss them here!

Thanks to Monzo for providing a few of the specifics for this release!