Cybertron Scouts on Generations Packaging

{mosimage} Three new auctions have appeared on Asian auction site Three auctions for repackaged Cybertron Scouts on Generations packaging (Like the Mini-Cons before them, the card backs do not actually say "Generations", however they are the same red as the Generations card backs, and not the yellow of Hunt for the Decepticons or Reveal the Shield). The auctions are for Undermine, Wreckloose, and Backstop.

For those of you that may not think this newsworthy, as these toys have had multiple card backs before, a closer look at Backstop may be in order. Instead of purple and mustard, the toy is now gray and blue!

Check out the auctions below, click "Read More" for images, then discuss them here in Megatoron's thread!



Undermine, Wreckloose, and Backstop in red "Transformers" packaging


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