Power Core Combiner Salvage and Bomb-Burst Bio

{mosimage} First Smolder appears alongside Movie Bumblebee and Ratchet, and now we have Power Core Combiner Salvage's bio…

For those that are familiar with the Allspark Power sub-line that was released just after the 2007 Transformers movie, you might remember that there was a pick-up truck named Salvage, who was brought to life by the Allspark and left to live happily in a junkyard. Well, then, does Power Core Combiner Salvage's bio seem a tad similar?

SALVAGE has gone through a lot since the ALLSPARK first brought him to life. A few rounds of upgrades brought his vehicle mode into the modern era, and the power core process powered him up to unheard of levels. He`d still rather be back at the junkyard, but if the DECEPTICONS want a fight, he`s ready to give them one. 

So does this finally set the Power Core Combiner toys solidly in the movie Universe fiction? Chime in with your thoughts here! Credits: TFClub, Seibertron.com


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