Photos of Ron Friedman Heritage Items

{mosimage} Allspark member G1son joined in the bidding for some of the 1980's Transformers cartoon heritage items placed up for auction by Ron Friedman last month. And, now that they've finally arrived, he's taken photos of the items for the entire fandom to see! What did G1son win and what did he take photographs of? Character models and descriptions for Rumble (it's the blue/purple Decepticon cassette), Cliffjumper, Mirage, Ravage, Blitzwing, Sharkticon, Hot Rod (unused design with more toy-accurate head, and more slender body), Skywarp, Scrapper, and the Ark!

You can view and discuss the images here!
(You can also see the images mirrored here in our galleries.)

Much thanks to G1son for sharing! If you won any of the Ron Friedman auctions from last month and would like to share some images, stop by and give us a link!

*Update* G1son has stopped by with even more images! This time including Sunstreaker, Huffer, Skywarp, Shockwave, Laserbeak, Reflector, Warpath, Bombshell, Blaster, Unicron, "Hot Rodimus" (not Rodimus Prime) and the Nemesis!