Hasbro’s Answers for Round 5 of the Transformers Q&A Have Arrived!

{mosimage}Hasbro is sending in their answers to your questions!  Here are the questions for this round.

1) There were a lot of people who were not able to attend BotCon and thus never got to see the concept images of the Original Thirteen (Prima, Alpha Trion, Vector Prime, The Fallen, the Liege Maximo) shown in the Hasbro panel there, because photographs were not allowed, and thus, no images of them were ever posted on the net. Will those images be released to the public or officially posted online any time so

2) The inclusion of Generation One homage figures, like Jazz, Tracks, Classics Bumblebee, Wreck-Gar and G2 Optimus Prime, in the mainline's "Reveal the Shield" releases essentially causes the mainline to adopt same function as the "Generations" toy line – providing heritage characters at the "Deluxe" scale. Do these figures fit the mainline aesthetic in a way that characters like Scourge, Sergeant Kup, or Thunderwing don't? Is there some other reason behind this, since both Jazz and Tracks were listed as "Generations" figures at Botcon?

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