Get an Inside Look at Unicron with “The Transformers: The Movie Special Data Book Secret Files”

{mosimage} In August 1989, a book was released in Japan that showcased all of the original Transformers The Movie's secret information for all to see! The problem? For the most part, the book itself was pretty much a secret…Until now! TF Pulp's Hydra and Might Gaine go into its pages, pulling out a plethora of succulent details!

First up, an article about the unreleased Unicron toy! The toy's history, thoughts behind its design…even what phrases it was to say, all written and translated for the salivating fan! As a bonus, the article lists each of the Takara designers working on Transformers at the time, as well as which toys they designed!

Click here and prepare to face a wave of new, old information about the animated movie and its toys!