Galleries of United Drift, Optimus (WFC & Earth), and Gun Megatron!

{mosimage}Alfes' Blog was recently updated with some galleries of the recently released United figures.  He compares the United figures to the previous releases.  Among the comparisons are WFC Optimus, Earth Mode Optimus, Voyager Megatron, and Autobot Drift!  WFC Optimus features a metallic red, brighter (and more) pink highlights, black chest 'windows', and a different shade of gray.  Earth Mode Optimus is a metallic brighter red as well as a brighter blue.  United Megatron mimics the G1 cartoon character model color layout as close as possible, including painting most of his body silver and his face white.  United Drift is a much brighter white (rather than off-white), a cooler gray, crimson instead of orange-red, and features many additional details.

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