“War for Cybertron” Sequel for 2012 and “Dark of the Moon” Game for 2011

{mosimage}In case some of you missed it, Hasbro has confirmed that a sequel to "War for Cybertron" is currently in development and set for 2012 during their Investor Day. Mark Blecher, SVP and General Manager of Digital Media & Gaming, has stated that he was pleased with the response for the game and said that "War for Cybertron" was the first game from Hasbro that's "the most highly-rated, critical success" in any Hasbro brand. The game for Dark of the Moon is again confirmed to be released in 2011 to coincide with the movie's debut. Regarding the Transformers MMO that's being in development by Net Dragon, it's confirmed for a release in the West, but no specific territories are mentioned yet.

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