Takara’s AA Elita-1, Soundwave Electrostatic, Blazing Lockdown, Brimstone, & Hubcap Photos

{mosimage}Alfes2010 has updated with photos of Autobot Alliance-08 Elita-1, Animated Soundwave Electro Static version and Blazing Lockdown version! AA Elita here, like her Hasbro counterpart, is a redeco of Chromia but has a more movie-screen accurate paint job. And Alfes has apparently taken several attempts on combining the bike triplets. Takara's Animated Soundwave Electrostatic version is different compared to his Hasbro self, mostly in the paint department. One of the differences on Blazing Lockdown is the yellow paint on his chest and legs compared to his Hasbro counterpart. Brimstone's blue paint apparently seems a bit more metallic.

Check out Elita, Soundwave, Lockdown, Brimstone, and Hubcap's photos at Alfes' blog! Don't forget to sound off here!