Sector 7 #3 5-Page Preview & Covers Poster

{mosimage} Comic Book Resources has posted up the 5-page preview to Sector 7 #3 that'll hit shelves this Wednesday, November 24! Which famous people are showing up? Why, Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow, two of the most (in)famous outlaws and thieves during the Great Depression. Margo Simmons is now following her father on chasing these two criminals down, as well with a rather vicious Transformer!

Artist Joe Suitor, who has been providing the retailer incentive covers, has posted up how it looks like when combined at his blog, similar to the cover designs E.J. Su did for "Infiltration". Mind, it may be a bit spoilerish.

Check it out at CBR, check out the cover poster here, and sound off at our thread on S7 #3!


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