“Prime” Interviews: Josh Keaton and Tania Gundai

{mosimage}For those anticipating the Hub's premiere of "Transformers: Prime", here's a little extra from two of the voice actors for the human characters! Josh Keaton, voice of Jack Darby, and Tania Gundai, voice of Miko Nakadai! Although Keaton's interview with The Trades focuses primarily on his upcoming role in "Firebreather" and past role in "Spectacular Spider-Man", he does mention "Prime", stating that he knows most fans prefer bot-centric shows as well having grown up a Transformers fan himself.

Gundai shares a bit of her history with fellow fansite Transformers-Prime (NOT official), as well going into a bit on her role as Miko, the voice acting aspects, and some of her perspectives.

Read the interview with Keaton here and Gundai's interview here! Don't forget to sound off your thoughts on the first two episodes of "Prime" at the discussion board!