Hasbro Q&A Answers: Transformers

{mosimage} Hasbro's sent back the answers from the last round of their Transformers Q&A. What answers did we get?

1) It has been recently revealed that Megatronus (The Fallen) will be in Transformers Prime story line. Is the Fallen from "Prime" the same Fallen that was in the movie and the same that was in the original Dreamwave comic? Basically, are they a multiversal singularity or are the all "different" Fallens?

The official story of the original 13 and specifically The Fallen has not been explored in the modern continuity that Transformers War for Cybertron, Exodus, and Prime are a part of.  Anything you know from past generations of the brand may or may not be factual in the new continuity.  Going forward in the modern continuity there is 1 Fallen.

2) In a previous QandA it was revelaed that one of the original 13 Transformers was female, this raises the question, does the Hasbro TF creative team have a stance on what the difference between Male and Female Transformers are?  Aside from asthetics and characterization that is?  Is it physical at all or related to the nature of their sparks?

Yes the Hasbro team that has been charged with creating the Modern continuity have built into the story plan what creates “Female” styled Transformers.  The whole explanation will be explored further in future comics, novels, and entertainment.

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