Happy Birthday, Allspark!

{mosimage} Eleven!  It's a Prime number. Get it? Prime? It's also a milestone number: today is the eleventh day of the eleventh month of the eleventh year of the 2000s.  It's also our eleventh anniversary today! That's right, eleven years ago today, a tiny ezboard community emerged from the primordial ooze of the late-20th century Internet, when "broadband" was a silly moon-man word and the tinny shrieking of a dial-up modem was like unto choirs of angels leading you into a realm of opinionated nerds!  That cacophonous fanfare brought so many here in the early days, and its successor- the gentle blink blink blink of your broadband router's lights- continues to enable what we like to consider the absolute best Transformers Web Community on the web, as we thrive, grow, and flourish well into the future.

Thanks to all of our users for 11 years of fantastic chatter, reviews, meet-ups and more! Here's to eleven more! Recount your memories here!