e-Hobby United 3 Packs – Details Released!

{mosimage}Tentative details have been released regarding the upcoming e-Hobby Exclusive 3 Packs!  The first 3 Pack consists of Hot Rod Clear Blue Version  (to simulate the scene where he caught the matrix after Optimus' passing), Kup Damaged Version (perhaps to simulate the wear and tear he featured in the film & TV series), Scrap Heap (as he appeared normally).  The Decepticon 3 Pack consists of Clear Purple Versions of Galvatron, Cyclonus with Nightstick, and Scourge (likely to simulate their transformation from Megatron and the deceased Decepticons).  No pictures have been released yet, but preorders open on November 26th.

You can discuss the details on our forums.   Thanks to Meister79 for the news!