ANNOUNCEMENT: Ron Friedman Heritage Auctions – Jim S Gets Us Organized!

{mosimage} Transformers fans know Jim Sorenson – Transformers Writer, Character Art Geek, Allspark User, All Around Great Guy. So when Ron Friedman listed a number of behind the scenes materials about the Generation 1 Cartoon from the 1980's, Jim Sorenson was the ideal fan to step up in charge!

Similar to the Allspark's donation campaign to purchase the 1986 Toy Fair catalog back in February, Jim is now asking that any Transformers fan interested in seeing this rare and most likely one of a kind paperwork get released into the fandom at large send a donation his way! This donation will join others, and allow Jim to put a bid on the auction that fans would want the most (poll thread here). After the bidding is over, and Jim (hopefully!) wins the auction, he'll digitally replicate the contents of the auction for every Transformers fan to see! 

Also similar to the Allspark's campaign, any donations in surplus to the final auction price will find its way to another good (perhaps better!) cause, as it will be given to charity!

Should this sound like an opportunity that you'd like to take advantage of, find out more about the auctions here and the campaign here!

Last time such a chance made itself available, the Allspark managed to gather not only enough donations to purchase the 1986 Toy Fair Catalog, but also enough an additional $2340 which was sent to charity, earning the a seat (or four) at the 2010 Hasbro Children's Hospital Charity Gala!

So please, let's all make sure that this endeavor is met with the same success as last time! Good luck to us all! And Jim Sorenson in particular!