United Kup, Lugnut, Straxus, Perceptor, and Others Revealed!

Fans itching to get a look at what Generations Kup will end up looking like should head over to Amazon.co.jp.  While not Generations Kup, Amazon.co.jp has a picture of the upcoming Transformers United Kup!  This is TakaraTomy’s version of the same figure.  Also available are pictures of Perceptor, Tracks, Jazz, Wreck-Gar, Straxus, and Lugnut.  Lugnut features a color scheme very different from his Hasbro version using a different shade of green, and trading in teal for purple (sort of a reverse of the original’s colors).  While Straxus goes for a more comic accurate color scheme replacing the gray with a light blue and changing his gold eyes into the black colored dead looking eyes!  This also gives us our first close look at Perceptor, Jazz’s speakers, Wreck-Gar’s motorcycle mode (except for TCC members), and Track’s flying car mode!  Many of the other figures look to be identical to the Hasbro release or just place holders including Kup.
You can discuss Kup and all his glory on our forums.  Thanks to Bass X0 for the news.