Titan Transformers 2.18 Out October 7

{mosimage}If those of you in the UK haven't picked it up yet, then do head to the bookstore or nearest magazine rack to pick up Titan's "Transformers" 2.18!

Check out the latest issue of Transformers Comic for action-packed features, games, puzzles, competitions and lots more! Issue 2.18 also includes "Shadow War", a fantastic comic story written by Simon Furman and featuring art from Jon Davis-Hunt. Find out more on the story from the synopsis below and check out the sneak peeks attached!

BUMBLEBEE ­ realising the need for a change of tactics, Optimus Prime gives Bumblebee command of a new Autobot unit that operates behind a veil of stealth, off even official NEST books. Their job is to track rogue Decepticons and only take action to contain/restrain when they can do so swiftly, safely and without media attention. But holding back, holding off‹especially when human lives are endangered‹proves the biggest test of Bumblebee's life!

Take a look at the previews from our gallery and don't forget to drop by Titan Comics!