TFsource Announcement – Casting Call for Design Rescue TV Show!


Want your collection on TV? Or do you just need help managing it in the space you have available?

Allspark sponsor TFSource can help! They are currently working with Design Rescue to find suitable candidates for their TV show! All you have to do is fill out a short questionnaire to the folks behind the TV show!

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Dear Transfans!
Are you a Transformer collector with a large collection, have a family, and want to be on national TV showing off your Transformers Collection?  TFsource is helping a nationwide TV program find one lucky fan that will be selected to receive a Transformers Collecting makeover on national TV!  The show will go all out to transform a room or more of your home, turning it into a collector’s haven.  Yes, this opportunity is this good!
If you want to be selected, please contact the TV show immediately as they are looking to begin casting as early as this week!   Also if you think this opportunity is not for you, but know a deserving friend or family member that is a perfect fit, please pass along the flier or nominate them yourself! See below for more info.
Special thanks to:

Nominate a deserving family or couple who owns
a home in need of an interior design rescue!
Do they have atleast one room
that could use a stylistic and
refreshing change?
Do they THINK they know how
to decorate, but they really DON'T?
If their home has over-the-top décor,
an unusual display of knick-knacks and furnishings or just has a questionable
sense of style, our distinguished
designers are here to HELP!!!
To nominate a deserving candidate
for this fun and light hearted series,
please submit to [email protected]
Your nomination email should contain:
1.  Nominator Name:
2.  Nominator Contact Info:
3.  Nominator Email Address:
4.  Nominee Name:
5.  Nominee Contact Info:
6.  Nominee Residing City and State:
7.  Describe the area in the home that needs a design makeover (what is their style/theme, what is wrong with their interior design, etc.).  Please attach picture if they are available.
8.  Why is this family or couple a perfect candidate for a stylistic makeover? Describe their personality, family and anything unique about their situation.
9.  How many people live in this household?
10. Are they proud of their home décor?
11. What do you and others think about the decorations in the house?