‘TF3’ Videos at Kennedy Space Center

{mosimage}More helicopters for Transformers 3 at Kennedy Space Center (KSC), and there was an open casting call for NASA employees as extras earlier. Of note is how Michael Bay works with the extras and the realism – if you see people on computers and talking in full engineer tech lingo when TF3 hits theaters, good chances those are actual NASA employees that work at Kennedy. It's similar to how Bay would let the military extras do what they would usually do, lending a better sense of realism to the films. KSC's News Chief, Public Affairs Officer Allard Beutel, also mentioned that NASA is rather protective of their blue "meatball" logo (those similar-looking logos in other space-related movies? That's not NASA) and that they have a contract with the studio, although he obviously doesn't reveal much about the plot.

Check out the videos and two photos from an earlier photo op at TF LAM blog!