TakaraTomy Releases October 23, 2010

{mosimage}TakaraTomy's latest releases are now shipping to retailers.  The October 23rd, 2010 releases include:

  • Alternity A-04 Mitsuoka Orochi Thundercracker (Sonic Blue)
  • Alternity A-01 Convoy (Vibrant Red) (Re-Release)
  • Autobot Alliance AA05 Seaspray
  • Autobot Alliance AA06 Sidearm Sideswipe
  • Autobot Alliance AA07 Breacher
  • EZ Collection Volume 5

Note that ever Autobot Alliance figures varies considerably from their Hasbro counterparts.  Also fans of the Alternity line have Thundercracker to look forward to as well as the re-release of the extremely hard to find Convoy Vibrant Red Edition.  Next week brings us TakaraTomy's release of Masterpiece Movie Starscream.  You can discuss the releases, on our forums.