‘Reveal the Shield’ Battle in Space 2 Pack in Package & Comic!

{mosimage}We got our first glimpse of the upcoming Transformers 'Reveal the Shield' Battle in Space 2 Pack yesterday, which features Rodimus & Cyclonus from the Challenge at Cybertron pack minus Galvatron but includes what looks to be the matrix from Takara's New Years Convoy reissue from many years ago.  We now have packaged pictures of the set including a previously unrevealed comic book.  The comic cover features 'Reveal the Shield' Rodimus, Cyclonus, Generations Scourge, Kup, and Unicron.  The cover is the first time a public picture (though an illustration) of a properly transformed Generations Scourge's vehicle mode as well as what looks to be our first sneak peak at Generations Kup!

You can view the images here, and discuss them on our forums.  Thanks to ExVee for the news.