Photos of Generations/United Wheeljack, Frenzy, G2 Optimus, and Scourge!

{mosimage}Allspark sponsor Big Bad Toy Store has updated their preorder pages for the upcoming TakaraTomy Transformers United figures with some new photos.  Among the pages that have received photos of previously unseen (or rarely seen) figures are United Wheeljack (who features a new head, feet/front bumper, wings, and perhaps more), Frenzy (or the Rumble, the blue guy), G2 Optimus Prime (based on the Laser G2 figure), and Scourge (who is still mistransformed).  As before these are all likely the Hasbro Generations/Reveal the Shield versions rather than the actual TakaraTomy United versions. 

You can view the images and discuss the news on our forums.  Thanks to Bass X0 for the news.