IDW Panel from New York Comic-Con 2010

{mosimage}Barricade 64 has posted up a rundown of IDW's panel at New York Comic-Con 2010!

  • TF Infestation will be set in Vegas. Febuary release for the title
  • Heart of Darkness: A 4 issue mini penned by the guys doing Infestation & drawn by Ulises Farinas. Releases in March & will focus on Galvatron & his army, which is much more than Cyclonus, Scourge & the sweeps. It spins out of infestation driectly.
  • Megatron will be back in Ongoing's ROTD arc and has been redesinged by Don
  • "Prime" Trade will be released in single issues starting January
  • John Barber seems to have control over the movievers now, he's penning a second prequel called "Rising Storm" with Carlos Magno on art; didn't catch when the release is, sorry. Barber will also be on the 4 issue adaptaion of TF3 with Jorge Moreno on art, coming in April.
  • Revenge of the Decepticons(ROTD) is a big arc, the cons on the asteriod have not been doing well under Starscream. Now that Megatron is back the cons will attack the autobots in every way possible, physically, mentally, etc. 2011 is the pay off year.
  • Ironhide & Sunstreaker will be seen again in 2011.
  • The Almanacs will be reprinted, possibly for $300 now that Andy knows we'll pay that much for them
  • 4 new spotlights coming. Oddly, these were the result of a question & NOT on the slides. When asked if we could have a name(I'm sure we were asking for a TF) Andy replied with "Roberts." After lots of applause, he asked if we wanted another, and he said "Roche." One more time, and he gave us "Mowry."
  • No Animated comics in 2011, they want to but it's not in the cards for now.
  • There are fluid plans for the Dinobots at the moment
  • Costa really wants to bring in Unicron but Andy says it'll have to be something really good & not derivative for him to give the ok.
  • Possible Quintessons coming back in 2011. Question asked about them & someone/thing else I don't recall. Costa said "yes to one, no to the other."

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