Hasbro Q&A Answers: Star Wars

{mosimage} Hasbro has sent over the answers to the last round of their Star Wars Q&A!

1) Dear Hasbro, outstanding job on the mail-away Boba Fett. I thought at first this was recast from the original molds, but it appears the time was taken to actually go in and sculpt a completely new "vintage" figure. The card art and everything else are top notch which leads to the question. Why spend all this time and effort to make a wonderful figure and then allow your distributors to scrimp on packaging and shipping? Reports are coming in from all over the country of mailers smashed almost flat, torn and otherwise mangled. Mine arrived with the top half of the mailer crushed – upon opening, the card was folded, the bubble was severely creased and almost entirely separated from the card back. Why not charge one dollar extra and make sure these figures are packaged in such a way as to survive even casual handling? According to one postal official, these were shipped out as "bulk mail" – ie "junk mail" which gets even less care than normal. It's a real shame all of your developer's hard work was essentially handled like trash.

The figure was an all-new tool, because tooling for none of the original Kenner figures survived. So we had to do him new; we're glad you like the extremely carefully executed resculpt. As for packaging, it's something that we are correcting in the future with sturdier outer boxes. In the meantime, fans who have gotten crushed boxes should contact Hasbro customer service for replacements.

2) It seems like with each new episode, "Clone Wars" gives us two, three, sometimes an entire squad of "must have" Clone Trooper characters/figures. How do you keep up with that without ending up tearing all your hair out?

What a fantastic "problem" to have! As it turns out, over the course of a season there are a manageable number when mainline figures and battle packs, and exclusives are taken into account. We can just about cover them all with some leftover reserves if we ever need more. The reality is that there is such a diversity of types of episodes that many don't feature clones at all (or just Cody/Rex) which gives the clones a breather every now and again, shining the spotlight on some other equally cool corner of the Star Wars Galaxy. We love it all!

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