Hasbro Q&A Answers: GI Joe

{mosimage} Hasbro has sent back answers to the last round of the GI Joe Q&A! So whether you had questions about the packaging, the accessories, or even if they plan to keep up with the foreign-released character homages, make sure you check out the answers!

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1) While the new packaging looks nice, what was the basis of the decision to not show a clear image of the toy anywhere on the package? After purchasing a Jungle Viper that came completely disassembled in the package, I was a little taken aback that there were no images of the toy on the front, back or even on the poster insert that showed how all of the ball joints snapped together. Or how the gun assembled. Close-up artwork of a character's face and a diorama on the back may try to bring excitement to the figures, but it's certainly no replacement for showing what a toy does or how it goes together. Or at least something like the the old ARAH cards that used to have a fine-print listing alongside the bubble of all the weapons and other accessories for the figure. It was neat to know exactly what each weapon or other device was, be it based on real tech or some specific Joe or Cobra "future tech". Especially since in-store, you can't always get a clear view of all the accessories in the bubble; usually at least some of the parts are obscured. (Or in the case of Jungle-Viper, almost all of the accessories were obscured.)

Hasbro: Whew – that's a lot of questions in one. First, we are looking at including a list of all of the accessories and equipment for each figure. We may not get the details on the file card but we have heard from consumers that it would be nice to have a list of all the part and pieces to ensure that they have everything. As for the on-pack photography, we are looking into the best way to show the how the figure can be set up. The reality is that the Jungle-Viper was probably the most complex figure that we've created in some time.

2) The 2010 line features extra accessories/alternate heads/weapons seeming to compensate for the lack of missile launchers… which is awesome. Any chance this will be a continuing trend?

Hasbro: We are planning to continue what is successful in the current line.

3) The Red Ninja figure in the 25th line was a pleasant surprise, and there seems to have been a lot of excitement concerning the decision to have a number of other foreign Joes released as convention figures over the past year or so. Can we anticipate seeing more of these figures down the line?

Hasbro: The Pursuit of Cobra line draws from all eras of G.I. Joe, both here in the US and around the world. We cannot comment on our future plans for this line at this time.