Family Mart Exclusive Transformers Now Out!

{mosimage}For those living in Japan with a participating Family Mart store in your area, now is the time to go for a shopping run, as their exclusive line up of Transformers Raffle Items are now in stores!  Some of these items include an Animated Activator Skywarp, a non-Battle Damaged / non-Translucent Deluxe Earth Mode Optimus Prime, and a Translucent ROTF Leader Optimus Prime!  

According to Nightbirdy of TFW2005, here are the quantities of each item for each participating Family Mart store.

Prize A – Clear ROTF leader Prime: Qty. 2
Prize B – Animated DX Prime : Qty. 5
Prize C – Activators Skywarp: Qty. 6
Prize D – Clear EZ/Legends: Qty. 20
Prize E: – Deformed figurines Qty. 21
Prize F: – Lanyards Qty. 22
Prize G – Tumblers: Qty. 24

You can view photos of the various items here, and discuss the news on our forums.