DC Crash Update: Sideswipe Missed a Trailer Earlier

{mosimage}A quick update regarding the Dark of the Moon filming accident in Washington, D.C. where a police SUV crashed into the prop Camaro vehicle. What wasn't mentioned that that accident was take 2. The earlier take 1 had the Corvette Stingray playing Sideswipe nearly had an accident of its own. Courtesy of Todd C. dropping a comment at Tformers:

I had taken my kids to the American Indian Museum and walked out to see them shooting. I was right there when the accident happed. The one thing they are not explaining is that this was the second take. The first take the corvette was behind Bumblebee and lost control and spun around nearly colliding with a trailer. So the next time they put it behind Ironsides so it would not have to make a sharp turn. In between the 1st and second shoots, and ambulance also went through scene. It didn't seem like he knew what was going on. He got half way through then kind of slowed down by Optimus Prime looked at it confused then kept going. believe me it was a big mess!

Also are photos of the vehicles prior to the crash, taken at one of the DC lots.

Read Todd's comment at Tformers, the photo gallery of cars at TF LAM, and sound out at our thread.