‘Transformers 3′: International Locations Are Secret & Optimus’ Driver

{mosimage}If fans are wondering about the international locales that's been mentioned in the past where Transformers 3 is going to be filmed, good luck finding out when. Nelson over at the Shoot For The Edit forum has posted that locations outside the US and dates of when shooting will take place aren't going to be mentioned – at all – due to security issues.

On the brighter side, Tyrese Gibson, playing Robert Epps, has Tweeted a picture of a driver that some might've been wondering about, especially if you're interested in the stunt driving field. Said driver is the man who is literally behind the wheel of Optimus Prime in ALL three films, and we mean the Peterbilt that we've see on sets.

Read Nelson's post at SFTE and check out Gibson's Twitpic!