‘TF3’ Delay in Florida, Possible Start Date in DC

{mosimage}Detroit's done, the cast and crew of Transformers 3 has now landed in Florida's Space Center! First thing to point out is that unlike Chicago and Detroit, the sets won't be as accessible for normal folks to peek by with cameras, much less the media or base personnel at Hulbert Field, Fort Walton Beach, and Northwest Florida and Regional Airport. From the Walton Sun:

“It’s a closed set,” [Michael] Wesley [(film crew's assistant location manager)] said. “We’re trying to keep the media to a minimum and we’re not releasing information.”

Don Arias, a spokesman with the Air Force Special Operations Command at Hurlburt, said the base is cooperating with the crew because of the positive view the movie will give of the military.

“They’ll be showcasing Air Force personnel as well as the CV-22 Osprey on Wednesday (today),” Arias said. “The filming is not open to the public, the media or base personnel.”

In addition, wet weather may delay the shooting schedule, courtesy of Central Florida News 13. Finally, October 11 looks like the lockdown date when they finally go up to Washington, D.C, according to TBD Arts. Public notifications for things such as traffic alerts will soon be delivered to various agencies there.

Read the articles up at the Walton Beach, TBD.com, and CFNews 13.