Shia Talks ‘TF3’, Video at Detriot, & Potential SPOILER

{mosimage}First up, Shia LaBeouf talks about Transformers 3 replacing Megan Fox with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

"I think there's positives and negatives to her not being [in the movie]," said LaBeouf, who was at the Toronto Film Festival to promote "Wall Street 2." "It's awesome that we get the discovery again. I think when everybody's vetted and everybody's been through these wars, then that discovery of the first film is nonexistent. It's kind of beautiful in that we get a new set of eyes, a fresh set of eyes for the audience to vibe with. So you get the discovery again, which is something that wouldn't happen if Megan came back."

Second is a short bit from the Detroit Free Press on several streets that were used and will be seen on the big screen.

Clusters of people stood near the intersections of Clifford, Grand River and State at Washington Boulevard in the late afternoon and early evening to get a glimpse of large pieces of fake rubble, burned and battered prop cars and some of the beloved icons of "Transformers."

And finally, a rumor that could be a possible spoiler from The Imagination Studio, so it's a click-and-read-at-your-won-risk scenario, alongside "take it with a grain of salt" for the time being.

Check out LaBeouf's interview with MTV, the Detroit Free Press here alongside a video linked at Alex Irvine's blog, and the possibly spoilerlish entry at TIS' blog and voice out its discussion thread here.