Hasbro Q&A Answers: Marvel

{mosimage} Hasbro has sent over answers to our questions submitted on 8/6/2010. What do they have to share? A couple of the designer-favorite Spider-Man costumes are revealed, as is their stance on a Spider-Girl figure! Additionally, they talk about the future of the Marvel Crossovers line, and which two characters will be the focus! (Hint: They already have technologically-advanced armor suits.)

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1) Through Marvel Universe and the Spider-Man toy line, we're starting to get quite a few different in-comic costumes for Spider-Man. Red and blue, black, House of M, Iron Spidey, Ben Reilly, Spider-Man 2099…
What other Spider-Man costumes are designer favorites? Web armor? Captain Universe? Spider-Man Unlimited? What costumes are you itching to get to next?

1) Pretty much everyone knows that a few of us have been pushing for a paper bag head Spidey for a looooong time. Cosmic Powered Spidey is also a team favorite that has yet to make its way into the line.

2) Spider-Man's daughter has been proving rather had to kill recently, as Spider-Girl's comic keeps popping up in different forms and titles. Are there any plans to honor her efforts with an action figure (or two, given the new storyline with April Parker?

2) We do not have any immediate plans to release a Spider-Girl but she's definitely on the radar as a future possibility.

3) Judging by future releases, we can see that Iron Man and Spider-Man are Transformers Crossovers best sellers. What then does this mean for other Marvel heroes (and villains) looking to break into the transforming robot business? Are they (with the exception of Ghost Rider) out of luck as most future waves seem to be Peter, Tony, and Rhodey-related? Or might a few sneak back into the toy line down the road?

3) As Tony continues to perfect this "alien technology", his immediate focus will be working on new battle suits for Iron Man and War Machine.