‘TF3’ Updates: Photos, Videos, and Possible Spoilers

{mosimage}If you can consider photos by Jeff at Pixel Rally featuring Sam Witwicky (Shia LaBeuf) with something of an upgrade as a visual spoiler. Alongside videos of Transformers 3 filming, one by Colin Hinkle shows some action. In addition, the Post-Tribune has this tidbit where Tyrese Gibson's character is "Retired Major Sergeant Ray Epps" while filming in Gary, Indiana. Take that what you will.

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The Post-Tribune

'Transformers' returns to Gary; filming in church

August 17, 2010

GARY — Actor Tyrese Gibson gave some love to his fans in downtown Gary on Monday when a crew filming "Transformers 3" finished a scene inside the crumbling City Methodist Church.

James Brice, a West Side High School junior, and Thomas Metcalfe Jr., a freshman at KIPP Lead Charter School, were among those who came away with their own photographs of Gibson, who is playing Retired Master Sgt. Ray Epps in the movie.

"We shook his hand," Metcalfe said.

Michael Bay, who Metcalfe said is his "favorite director," was also nearby. In the church, Bay led Gibson and a small group of actors through a scene.

Smoke swirled as the actors, in character, argued about the alien robot war erupting around them. The crew also lit small, but controlled, fires inside the ruined church.

"This is the best special effects team there is," Gabriela Gutentag, a spokeswoman for the movie, said.

When it was over, Gibson signed autographs and shook hands with fans like Brice and Metcalfe, who stood outside 21st Century Charter School.

Inside the school, teachers drew the blinds, ignored the hubbub and led students through the year's first day of classes. Principal Angela West confirmed her school was compensated for the inconvenience, but she said it didn't cause any disturbances.

"It really didn't bother us at all," West said.

Gibson and the crew finished filming shortly before 1 p.m. They packed up and returned to the former Lehigh cement plant near Majestic Star Casino.

Crews filmed there in April and returned to shoot a scene Wednesday with actor Josh Duhamel. Producers have said that scene is crucial to the movie's plot.

Each shoot requires permission from Gary's Board of Public Works and Safety. "Transformers" has been approved to film through Monday, and it paid Gary $1,550 for its latest series of shoots.

The board would likely need to give further permission if "Transformers" decides to return. Gutentag said the movie's plans remain fluid, so she couldn't say whether the crew will shoot in Gary again.

"You never know," Gutentag said.A crewman carries equipment to City Methodist Church in Gary as filming on the movie "Transformers 3" continues on Monday.