Takara Animated Photos: Blurr & Optimus Black Version

{mosimage}For those wondering about Takara's take on Animated Blurr and a in-case on Optimus Black Version, Alfes2010 has come through with photos of both figures! On Blurr, his Takara self uses a lighter blue compared to his Hasbro counterpart on part of the hood, his crest, and arms. The Sega card P-015 featuring a character model of the Autobot speedster is included as well. On Optimus, there were three cards that features three Optimuses (Optimii?) from G1, Movie, and, of course, Animated, with their respective Autobot symbols done in each series' styles. A pamphlet covering over the years of the Autobot leaders (and lines like Alternity, Nike, and Device Label) alongside a timeline.

Take a gander at Blurr here and then here for Optimus Black Version!