New TakaraTomy Transformers shown at C3X Chara Hobby!

{mosimage}Besides Masterpiece Rodimus Convoy, TakaraTomy had many of their upcoming Transformers Animated and Transformers Autobot Alliance figures on display. Many of these figures are notable as how they differ from their US counterparts. Among the most interesting changes is that Elita-1 will indeed be a purple Chromia redeco (unlike Arcee like previously shown) with a very different deco than the Hasbro version. Sidearm Sideswipe will not have any of the red detailing of the Hasbro version, but will look more like his movie appearance. Also Seaspray now features yellow instead of gold parts similar to the original figure. Ironhide, Insecticon, and Breacher (Grounshaker in Japan) all feature different details. 

As usual the Animated figures feature metallic paints in addition to their normal colors. Wingblade Optimus, Oil Slick, Purple Shockwave, and Hydrodrive Bumblebee were shown.

Like Leader Starscream from the Transformers (2010) line Battle Ops Bumblebee will be released by TakaraTomy in a different color scheme under their Movie Masterpiece line.

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