Large Takara Tomy Website Update!

{mosimage} Whether you like Animated, G1 Reissues, Autobot Alliance or exclusive figures, Takara Tomy's latest update probably has something for you! You can see a list of the updates below, and then discuss them here!

TakaraTomy's Transformers Website

September 18, 2010
TA-38 Wing Blade Optimus Prime
TA-39 Jet Pack Bumblebee
TA-40 Cybertronian Ratchet

September 25, 2010
Transformers Autobot Alliance
AA-01 Battle Blade Optimus Prime
AA-02 Battle Blade Bumblebee
AA-03 Deluxe Ironhide
AA-04 Insecticon

October 2, 2010
TA-41 Optimus Prime Lights & Sound
TA-42 Oil Slick
TA-43 Ironhide Lights & Sound
TA-44 Armorhide
TA-45 Shockwave (Purple Version)
Super Collection 1 (Activators)
Super Collection 2 (Activators)

November 27, 2010
2010 Predaking Reissue

Million Publishing Optimus Prime Elite Guard

Lucky Draw Silver Chrome Animated Bumblebee

Cyber Missions Episode 7