IDW November 2010 Solicitations

{mosimage}IDW Publishing has posted up their November 2010 solicitations! Ongoing #13 has been previously announced, with Hot Rod/Rodimus Prime headed back to space and the Decepticon he encounters. Next is "Best of Grimlock", for all the Grimlock lovers out there, with stories telling our beloved (or not) Tyrannosaurus rex in all his toothy and badass glory! Sector 7 #3 from the movie-verse features two of US history's most infamous outlaws/robbers/criminals: Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow! Margo Simmons runs into the dastardly duo and a rather vicious Transformer! And lastly, the trade paperback of Nefarious will also be released.

Head to IDW's article to read the rest of the list, including our favorite Joes and Cobras!